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The following events are cancelled as a result of the Corona Virus:
  • Remainder of the 2019/2020 Season
  • End of Season General Meeting
  • Banquet (4/9)
  • 2020 Spring Season
2020/2021 Election Results:
  • Vice President - Derry Davison
  • Treasurer - Tom Bose
  • Director of Marketing - Tom Bachman
  • Director of Field Maintenance - Chris Raptoplous
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Jim Rains

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Josh Rabinowitz

Rich Karp

Mike Perkins

Doug Banchouie (not pictured)



PCSSA 2019 - 2020 Rule Summary/Highlights


PCSSA Rules have been revised to better align with Senior Softball – USA (SSUSA).  This is not a complete summary of the rules which apply to Senior Softball.  It is your responsibility to read all the rules which govern our play.  You may find a complete copy of the SSUSA rule book by logging onto their website at https://seniorsoftball.com/wc/wc2019/SSUSA-Rulebook-2019-Web.pdf.  Additionally, those rules specific to our league may be found on the QuickScores website.


Below are significant elements off the PCSSA/SSUSA Rules and Board directives that apply for the 2019 – 2020 season


  • With no play at first base the batter-runner may tag either the white or orange base.
  • A runner occupying first base may start from either the white or orange base when play resumes…treat as 1 big bag.
  • Our local substitute runner rule is revised as follows:
    • Prior to the start of each game players must declare if they need a sub runner. Managers will exchange info as to those identified as requiring sub runners.
    • If a player has not declared that they will require a sub runner, then in the course of the game the player requests a sub runner, the player requesting the sub runner will not be allowed to obtain one. The player will have to run for themselves or declare that they are injured and a replacement player will be needed in accordance with the sub player rules.
  • Intentionally dropped fly ball results in a dead ball out for the batter; an exception would be Infield Fly rule….Umpire judgement call
  • Standing off first or third base during a pitch is permitted
  • Base runners are permitted to slide into second or third base
  • Diving or sliding back to first, second or third is permitted
  • Any glove / mitt is allowed for any position
  • Mercy Rule of 15 after 5 innings
  • Pitcher Substitution will be +2
  • Player Substitution Groups
    • 10 – 13 are interchangeable
    • 14 – 15 are interchangeable
  • Games per player per day is 2
    • Injury exception – a player may enter a game to replace someone who became injured in that game even though it will result in his involvement of more than 2 games.
  • Substitution games
    • Players may sub for the same team for 2 consecutive games. Must have at least 1 scheduled game break before subbing for that team again.
    • Penalty for illegal use of a substitute is forfeiture of the game
  • Ejected Player - The player will receive a mandatory one (1) game day suspension for the next scheduled game day for that player’s team. The ejected player will also NOT be allowed to substitute until after the one (1) game day suspension is completed. Any team that allows a suspended player to participate during a game in any position will result in a forfeit of that game.
  • The batter will start with a 1 ball and 1 strike count and will have a foul ball to waste on a strike 2 count. A second foul ball after a second strike will be a strikeout.



Link to SSUSA Rule Book "Click Here"


 Upcoming events


  • 3/20/2020 - PCSSA Night at GYBP - Cancelled
  • 3/31/2020 - End of Season Playoff - Cancelled
  • 4/7/2020 - Spring Season Starts (Thru 5/30) - Cancelled
  • 4/8/2020 Annual PCSSA Meeting (at the Ballfield) - Cancelled
  • 4/9/2020 - End of Season Banquet - Cancelled
  • 9/12/2020 2020/2021 Draft EN Ballroom
Softball Shorts Available at: Graham Sports, grahamsports.net@gmail.com,  623-262-0716.
Feb 2020 Board Meeting Minutes now on line. Click here or Click Board and then "Meeting Minutes and Schedule". Next Meeting is Wednesday  March 18, 2020 at 10:00AM at the Tuscany Meeting Room

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