What Does it Cost?

We keep it simple

We do not charge an initiation fee to create your website nor to cover the extensive training that we provide. We don't have monthly fees. Our charges are based on the number of teams competing in your events, so our costs are in proportion to your revenue. For basic leagues, the cost is $7.00 per team. For stand-alone tournaments (usually completed over a weekend), the cost is $5.00. See below for full details.

Scheduling Fees

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The per-team rate will be applied on an event-by-event basis, depending on whether the event is a league or tournament and whether the Officials feature is used. For sports where a team consists of only one or two players, the per-team fee may be half of the rate quoted above.

Schedules posted to Downloadable Files are subject to the same rates as schedules created by the QuickScores software.

Clients may be subject to an annual minimum fee of $120, which is placed as a credit on your account. As the site is used, the scheduling and online registration fees will be deducted from the $120. If the $120 is exhausted within a year, invoices will be sent for each subsequent event. On the anniversary, the annual fee of $120 will be due again. If the $120 has not been exhausted by the end of the year, the remaining funds are forfeited.

Leagues are billed approximately one week after the league begins. Tournaments are billed immediately after they begin.


QuickScores provides free technical support for questions regarding use of the website software. Some clients desire a higher level of assistance in order to organize, setup and create league and tournament policies, schedules, and brackets. QuickScores will provide this type of consulting assistance at a rate of $50.00 per hour, with a minimum of one hour. QuickScores will determine if and when simple technical support becomes a more involved consultation, and advise the client of such fees before beginning further consultation.

Online Registration Fees

QuickScores will invoice the client $1.00 for every registration form submitted.

The client will also be responsible for PayPal fees when a financial transaction is submitted. The PayPal fee is determined by PayPal and subject to change. As of 8/1/22, PayPal charges 3.49% plus $.49. The percentage may be lower depending on the total amount collected in the previous month. The percentage may also be lower if the client is a non-profit organization. See PayPal for complete details

Unlimited Usage

QuickScores offers an Unlimited Usage rate. This rate is applicable to a single website and does not apply to multiple sites.

Our unlimited use fee is $6,500 per year. A $1,000 discount will be applied if the full amount is paid at the beginning of the contract, bringing the annual unlimited use fee to $5,500. In lieu of the single payment option, a client may choose a quarterly payment plan, one year minimum term, with a $500 discount. The discounted annual fee of $6,000 may be paid off with quarterly payments of $1,500.

(1) Either Officials or Online Registration can be added to scheduling for an additional $1,000.

(2) Both Officials and Online Registration can be added to scheduling for an additional $1,500.