What Does it Cost?

We Keep It Simple

No setup fees. No monthly fees. Free tech support and training.

Our fees are based on the number of teams competing in your events, so the costs are in proportion to your revenue.1

For standard leagues, the cost is $7.00 per team per season.2
For stand-alone tournaments, the cost is $5.00 per team. See below for full details.

Fixed Pricing

For clients wanting cost certainty and a fixed price for the year, we are happy to discuss your estimated usage and come to an agreement on a fixed annual fee. Annual pricing will always come with a discount when paid up front.

Scheduling Fees

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1 Clients may be subject to an annual minimum fee of $120, which is paid upfront and placed as a credit on your account. Events and online registration will be invoiced as normal with the $120 in credits being deducted from the amount owed. Credits do not carry over if they are not used within one year.

2 The per-team rate will be applied on a season-long event basis, depending on whether the event is a league or tournament and whether the Officials feature is used. For leagues lasting longer than 15 weeks, a higher per-team rate will be negotiated.

Sports with only one or two players per team are charged half of the regular rate.

Leagues are billed approximately one week after the league begins. Tournaments are billed immediately after they begin.


QuickScores provides free technical support for questions regarding use of the website software. Some clients desire a higher level of assistance in order to organize, setup and create league and tournament policies, schedules, and brackets. QuickScores will provide this type of consulting assistance at a rate of $50.00 per hour, with a minimum of one hour. QuickScores will determine if and when simple technical support becomes a more involved consultation, and advise the client of such fees before beginning further consultation.

Online Registration Fees

QuickScores will invoice the client $1.00 for every registration form submitted.

These fees will be included along with league/tournament scheduling fees when the event starts, or approximately every month for long-running registration events. The client will also be responsible for the processing fees charged by the payment processor (Clover, PayPal, Square, etc.) per their agreement with the processor.