Mondays/Tuesdays: Coed
            Thursdays: Men's D-1 
 With the three-year construction of Orange Park beginning this spring,
all games will be played at Terrabay Field (Hillside). 
Coed games will be played on Mondays and Tuesdays. 
Teams will play one game per week on either Monday or Tuesday based on the number of teams.
New League Rules for 2020
Coed - Min. 3 females on the field (Last year it was 4 females)
HR Rule at Terrabay Field - One automatic (over the fence) per inning per team.
               Registration Begins: February , 2020
               Spring League Begins: April 13, 2020
                                                     Click link below for a packet
                      Summer  2020 Softball League Packet
Available in January 
                           Click on the following link for a Managers Sheet and Roster
                                                                                                                   Mangers Sheet and Roster
                          Coed Softball Rules  
                             NEW COED SOFTBALL RULES
                        Player Add/Drop Form

                                                                                                                        Bat Requirements
City of South San Francisco will no longer required a  bat testing policy, but all bats must still be within the ASA certified requirements. Bats may be tested at the field based on the directors discretion (Spot checks, playoffs, etc.) 
Field Conditions Hotline
                                                             Wednesdays:  Men's D-2  
                                                        Thursdays:    Men's D-1
Spring Registration begins in February
            Registration Deadline: TBA
                                                                               Spring Season begins :  March
Summer basketball league packet information will be made available in January.
Click on the links below 
Looking to join a team?
If you are a free agent looking to join a softball/basketball team, please email Bill at bill.stridbeck@ssf.net
Your email will be forwarded out to all team managers and they will be contacting you.
Please include your contact information, playing experience, position, etc.
Remember you are selling yourself to each team, and they will only contact you if they are interested in your services.
 Scorekeepers Needed
If you or know someone who is interested in earning extra money score keeping adult softball games, please contact Bill Stridbeck at 650-829-4683 or bill.stridbeck@ssf.net




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