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Schedule has been posted!!! 
The season begins on Sunday December 8th

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2019-2020 Info/Rules

Men’s Basketball 30 and Over Rules


Format: 4 on 4 with Two 25:00 minute halves (halftime 4:00 minutes)


Overtime: 3:00 minute OT. Shoot for ball (free throw) to decide who gets ball in OT.


Playoffs: All teams make playoffs. At the end of the regular season there will be and “A” and “B” league playoff. “A” division will consist of the top 4 seeds and “B” division seeds 5-10.


Playing shorthanded/picking up players: Only players on your roster are allowed to play on your team if you want the game to count toward the standings. You can pick up another player from an opposing team, the game can still be played but will officially be a forfeit. You can attempt to play the game shorthanded and play 3 on 4. It won’t be a forfeit and it will count toward the standings.


Substitutions: Please sub when your team has the ball on offense!!!


Scoring: Each basket is worth 1 point. After each basket please communicate what the score is so both teams are on the same page.


Postponements: Any game called off due to inclement weather will be done no later than 7:30am on Sunday. If it’s a major storm we may cancel on Saturday night.  You will be notified by a text and email.

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