ALL GAMES ON “Hold” until further notice due to COVID-19 orders from Mayor’s office!!!
All schedules will resume from where stopped when it is time.
All schedules are saved, but hidden to avoid confusions, Stay safe All.

Registration open for Men’s Hi Comp Mondays
Men's highcomp Monday night- start Nov 9
COED highcomp Wed Night- in progress
Thurs coed straight rule soccer-in progress
ALL Sunday Leagues-In progress.
Sunday Leagues:
Indoor coed semicomp 1 and 2,  
Men’s semicomp 1 and 2, Comp leagues 
 $60 deposit via PayPal/venmo: asiflincolnsoccer@icloud.com

402-309-5857.  VENMO PMT/PAYPAL PMT/QUESTIONS: asiflincolnsoccer@icloud.com 
Facebook Page: Lincoln NE adult soccer leagues