2018 Series Information

Closing Ceremonies - June 30 at Dell Diamond, Express Game
Seeding for the final weekend’s double elimination tournament will be based on the following pool play results:

1. Points earned (2 for a win, 1 for ties, 0 for loss)
2. Head to Head Outcome*
3. Difference in Runs scored vs. runs given up
4. Total Runs given up
5. Runs Scored
6. Coin Flip
*(thrown out if more than two teams are involved in the tie)

As we prepare the bracket seeding for the Championship Weekend, we want to remind everyone that some divisions will have teams move down to a lower division. 6uD1, 8uD1 and 10uD1 will all have two (2) teams drop down to D2. Those teams will be placed as the 3rd and 4th seed in D2. 12uD1 will have one (1) team drop down to D2. That team will be placed as the 3rd seed in D2.

Our plan is to finalize pool game results by Monday and fill the brackets with team names on Tuesday.



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