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Mon 1/20/20Abner Creek Baptist6:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys SoutheastBasketball - AdultAbner Creek Silver - Poplar Springs A 
Mon 1/20/20Abner Creek Baptist7:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys SoutheastBasketball - AdultAbner Creek White - Poplar Springs D 
Mon 1/20/20Abner Creek Baptist8:30 PMMen Under 30Basketball - AdultAbner Creek - Fairview Dynos 
Mon 1/20/20El Bethel Baptist6:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys NorthwestBasketball - AdultEl Bethel - Fairview Carter-Cowan 
Mon 1/20/20El Bethel Baptist7:30 PMMen Over 30Basketball - AdultAbner Creek - Taylors First 
Mon 1/20/20El Bethel Baptist8:30 PMWomenBasketball - AdultEl Bethel - Pelham First Warriors 
Mon 1/20/20Fairview Baptist6:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys NorthwestBasketball - AdultNorthgate - Friendship 
Mon 1/20/20Fairview Baptist7:30 PMMen Under 30Basketball - AdultFairview Chisolm - Fairview Allen 
Mon 1/20/20Fairview Baptist8:30 PMMen Under 30Basketball - AdultFairview Holliday - Greer Station 
Mon 1/20/20Friendship Baptist6:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys SoutheastBasketball - AdultPoplar Springs B - Abner Creek Blue 
Mon 1/20/20Friendship Baptist7:30 PMMen Under 30Basketball - AdultGreer First Baptist - Pelham First Sons 
Mon 1/20/20Friendship Baptist8:30 PMMen Under 30Basketball - AdultGreater Hopewell - Fairview Fowler 
Mon 1/20/20Greer First Presbyterian6:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys NorthwestBasketball - AdultFirst Presbyterian - Apalache 
Mon 1/20/20Greer First Presbyterian7:30 PMMen Under 30Basketball - AdultNorthgate - New Trinity 
Mon 1/20/20Greer First Presbyterian8:30 PMWomenBasketball - AdultFirst Presbyterian - Fairview-Gorman 
Mon 1/20/20Memorial Methodist7:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys NorthwestBasketball - AdultMemorial - Fairview-Reynolds 
Mon 1/20/20Memorial Methodist8:30 PMWomenBasketball - AdultMitchell Road - Pelham First Daughters 
Mon 1/20/20Pelham First Baptist6:30 PM9th-12th Grade Boys SoutheastBasketball - AdultReidville First - Poplar Springs C 
Mon 1/20/20Pelham First Baptist7:30 PMWomenBasketball - AdultGreater Hopewell - Prince of Peace 
Mon 1/20/20Pelham First Baptist8:30 PMMen Over 30Basketball - AdultPelham First Peacekeepers - Cherrydale 
Mon 1/20/20Taylors Baptist Court #27:30 PMWomenBasketball - AdultTaylors First - Forestville 
Mon 1/20/20Taylors Baptist Court #28:30 PMMen Over 30Basketball - AdultForestville - Resurrection