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Sat 1/26/19Abner Creek Baptist9:00 AM1st and 2nd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthAbner Creek - Foothills Baptist 
Sat 1/26/19Abner Creek Baptist10:00 AM1st and 2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthAbner Creek - Fairview Warren 
Sat 1/26/19Abner Creek Baptist11:00 AM3rd-5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthPoplar Springs - El Bethel 
Sat 1/26/19Abner Creek Baptist12:00 PM6th-8th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthAbner Creek - First Presbyterian 
Sat 1/26/19Abner Creek Baptist1:00 PM6th-8th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthPoplar Springs A - Fairview Burns 
Sat 1/26/19Abner Creek Baptist2:00 PM6th-8th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthPoplar Springs B - Fairview Ceurvorst 
Sat 1/26/19Fairview Baptist9:00 AM1st and 2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFairview Staggs - El Bethel 
Sat 1/26/19Fairview Baptist10:00 AM6th-8th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthFairview Henderson - Greater Hopewell 
Sat 1/26/19Fairview Baptist11:00 AM3rd-5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFairview Burns - Pelham First Crusaders 
Sat 1/26/19Fairview Baptist12:00 PM3rd-5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFairview Highsmith - Fairview Sauer 
Sat 1/26/19Fairview Baptist1:00 PM6th-8th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthFairview Cantrell - Mt Lebanon 
Sat 1/26/19Fairview Baptist2:00 PM6th-8th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFairview Piper - Fairview Arterburn 
Sat 1/26/19Greer First Presbyterian9:00 AM1st and 2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFirst Presbyterian - Fairview Smith 
Sat 1/26/19Greer First Presbyterian10:00 AM3rd-5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthFirst Presbyterian Blue - Fairview Miller/Mosteller 
Sat 1/26/19Greer First Presbyterian11:00 AM3rd-5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthFirst Presbyterian White - Fairview Gilliard 
Sat 1/26/19Greer First Presbyterian12:00 PM3rd-5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFirst Presbyterian - Northgate 
Sat 1/26/19Greer First Presbyterian1:00 PM6th-8th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFirst Presbyterian - Greater Hopewell 
Sat 1/26/19Memorial Methodist9:00 AMK4 and K5 Co-EdBasketball - YouthMemorial Methodist - Poplar Springs 
Sat 1/26/19Memorial Methodist10:00 AMK4 and K5 Co-EdBasketball - YouthFairview Stafford - First Presbyterian 
Sat 1/26/19Memorial Methodist11:00 AMK4 and K5 Co-EdBasketball - YouthPelham First Tigers - Fairview Hannon 
Sat 1/26/19Memorial Methodist12:00 PM1st and 2nd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthMemorial Methodist - Fairview 
Sat 1/26/19Memorial Methodist1:00 PM3rd-5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthGreater Hopewell - Fairview Rainey