Dimple Dell Fitness & Recreation Center
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Dimple Dell is using Standardized Red and Blue Jerseys.

We've adopted a standard blue/red jersey combination for ALL Dimple Dell sports (with the exception of Winter Jr. Jazz, Super League, and Spring Jr. Bees). They will wear this for each game (red for home games, blue for away games) and can use it for any other Dimple Dell sport: Flag Football, Indoor Soccer, Outdoor Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, Outdoor Volleyball, Spring Basketball, Summer Basketball, Fall Basketball, Lacrosse, and more.


To reflect that we no longer have to purchase unique jerseys for each sport, the price of each sport has been lowered $5! Families that participate in multiple sports or multiple seasons of sports at Dimple Dell will see a huge savings with this new program!


If your child needs to purchase a new jersey, those can be purchased at the Dimple Dell front desk. You can get a reversible mesh jersey for $9, or a pair of Sport Tek dry-wick jerseys for $12.


We also have a Jersey for Track & Field and Cross Country, it is our Safety Yellow Dimple Dell Darts Jersey; $8 and must be used for Track & Field and Cross Country! 


Megan Zollinger, Program Coordinator
Track & Field, Jr. Jazz (K-8th), Recreation Basketball, Flag Football, 
Rock Wall, Summer Super Sport, Kid's Sport, Cross Country, Lacrosse
(385) 468-1898; Email Megan
Lesley Ann Shaw, Program Coordinator
Adult Basketball, Tennis, Arts-N-Games, Pickleball, Classes, 
Ski/Snowboard, Outdoor & Indoor Soccer 
(385) 468-1897; Email Lesley
Taylor Abegglen, Program Coordinator
Super League Basketball, Youth Volleyball, Adult Volleyball,
Tee-ball/Coach Pitch, Fitness, Aerobics
(385) 468-1896; Email Taylor