Welcome to the
Greater Sacramento 
InterFaith Softball League

Sorry the lights didn't come on for Game #2. Will look into rescheduling it.


Please remember to bat in order so the scorekeeper will not be confused.
The infield dirt area will be prepped for the games, so please warm-up in the outfield grass area.
Check the Approved Softballs and Bats for approved bats
Home Team - 1st Base Side | Away Team - 3rd Base Side
Week 2 Highlights
6:30 PM
Taylor Street Baptist defeated Grace Sacramento
7:30 PM
Game did not finish because the lights didn't come on
Game of the Week
Taylor Street Baptist vs Grace Sacramento
Week 3 Games
6:30 PM
Paradise vs Taylor Street Baptist
7:30 PM
Grace Sacramento vs Trinity Episcopal




Rosters Frozen

May 18, 2018

 If you have any questions, please contact Nichelle Jackson at (916) 541-1794 or John.

May God bless you!!

John Jackson Jr.
916-747-0695 / mrjjackson@ymail.com

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