Above Mike Conley's worker bees rolling up the sponsor banners for the winter.  Many thanks for your help.
 Where all RR residents are encouraged to participate in a fun
 environment with Sportsmanship and Safety being a high priority.    Many thanks to our volunteers, team managers and umpires who    keep it fun.


2020 Softball Board
President Bob Hofenberg 817-875-1415
Vice-President Tiffany Ramzy 216-346-9416
Secretary Mike Jaensch 940-273-4499
Treasury Judy Ondina 940-262-3519
Commissioner Miguel Ondina 940-262-3519
Lady's Commissioner Liz Malone 972-742-1920
Senior's Commissioner John Thompson 940-262-0494
At Large Gene Deputy 713-410-1805
At Large Jerry Bennett 817-832-6497
Website Admin Gary Warrick 214-668-5575