Game Reports

Spring 2023 Game Reporters Report
 State Farm vs Argyle Dental - Dale Hill March 27
 407 vs Ponder Hardware-Johnny Blecher March 28
 Corpel Corral vs Eagle Eye Care-Jay Wissink March 29
 WiseHealth vs ProScapes-Clyde Ziegler March 29
 Farmers vs Adam Furniture-Lois Gibson
 Home Tint vs Rodney Landscaping-Ken Quarfoot March 30
 Wise Health vs Corple Corral-Jay Wissink
 ProScapes vs Eagle Eye Care-Myron McKinney
 Argyle Dental vs Rodney Landscape-Dianna & Jeff Duncan
 Ponder Hardware vs Adams Furniture-Ken Quarfoot
 Farmers vs Home Tint-Johnny B
 Farmers vs Ponder-Ken Quarfoot
 Rodney Landscape vs Adam Furniture-Johnny B
 Eagle Eye vs Wise Health-Lee Figueriedo
 ProScapes vs Corple Corral-Clyde Ziegler
 Argyle Dental vs 407 BBQ-Jeff Rumberger
 Rodney Landscape vs State Farm_Ken Quarfoot
 Ponder Hardware vs Home Tint-Johnny B
 Eagle Eye vs Corple Corral-Jay Wissink
 Adams Furniture vs 407 BBQ-Jeff Rumberger
 Farmers vs Argyle Dental--Dale Hill
 Farmers vs 407 BBQ-Dale Hill
 Home Tint vs Argyle Dental-Johnny B.
 Eagle Eye vs ProScapes-Dale Hill
 Adam Furniture vs State Farm-Jeff Rumberger
 Wise Health vs Corple Corral-Clyde Ziegler
 Rodney Landscaping vs Ponder Hardware-Jeff Duncan
 RR 75 Season Report-Clyde Ziegler
 2023 Texas State 65AA Champions-Johnny B
 Home Tint vs Adam Furniture-Killer Neagli
 State Farm vs Farmers-Johnny B
 ProScapes vs Corple Corral-Dale Hill
 Wise Health vs EEC-Johnny B
 Ponder Hardware vs Argyle Dental-Jeff Rumberger
 407 BBQ vs Rodney Landscape-Ken Quarfoot
 Rodney vs Farmers-Jay Wissink
 Corple Corral vs Eagle Eye Care_17May-Jay Wissink
 Wise Health vs ProScapes_17May-Clyde Ziegler
 407 BBQ vs Home Tint_17May-Jeff Duncan
 State Farm vs Ponder Hardware-Ken Quarfoot
 407 BBQ vs Adam Furniture-Jeff Duncan
 State Farm vs Ponder Quarterfinals-Johnny B
 Farmers vs Argyle Dental-Killer Neagli
Rodney Landscape vs Home Tint-Jeff Rumberger
 Waco Heart of Texas Tournament_70+_Johnny B
 State Farm vs Adams Furniture_Johnny B
 Home Tint vs Argyle Dental-Jeff Duncan
Fall 2022 Game Reporters Report
Farmers vs Eagle Eye Care - Johnny Blecher Aug 29
Home Tint vs Adam Furniture-Aug 31 Pat Lewis
Senior League Opening Day-Clyde Ziegler Sept 7
State Farm vs 407 BBQ-Jeff Duncan
Famers vs Home Tint--Johnny B
Wise Health vs Rodney Landscape 11Sept -Ken Q
Adam Furniture vs Rodney Landscaping--Jeff Duncan
ProScapes vs Corple Corral-28 Sept Clyde Ziegler
State Farm vs Home Tint. 30 Sept 22 Liz Malone, Johnny B
407 vs Eagle Eye Care 28 Sept Ken Quarfoot
State Farm vs Adam Furniture--Jeff Duncan
Farmers vs 407 BBQ-Johnny B
MS2 vs ProScapes-Clyde Ziegler
Rodney Landscape vs Home Tint--Killer Neagli
Eagle Eye Care vs Wise Health--Ken Quarfoot
State Farm vs Rodney Landscaping--Johnny B.
Wise Health vs Farmers--George Wendt
Freedom House Games--Dale Hill
Eagle Eye vs Home Tint--Ken Quarfoot
407 BBQ vs Home Tint--Rosemary "Killer" Myers Neagli
State Farm vs Wise Health--Dale Hill
Rodney Landscape vs Eagle Eye--Dale Hill
Corple Corral vs ProScapes--Dale Hill
Home Tint vs Adam Furniture -- George Wendt
ProScapes vs MS-2--Clyde Ziegler
State Farm vs Farmers--Johnny B
Eagle Eye vs Rodney Landscape--Dale Hill
Farmers vs Adams Furniture--Ken Quarfoot
Famers vs Rodney Landscape--Johnny B
The Story of RR Softball--Rosemary Myers Neagli
Spring 2022. Game Reporters Report
Let's Play Ball- Rosemary Neagli
College Station-Dale Hill
Opening Day at Field of Dreams
Are You Safe--RoseMary Killer Negli
Sit Back and Hold on- Louis Berthold
Game Report March 30th Eagle Eye Care vs Home Tint- Dale Hill
407 BBQ and Farmers Nail Biter
Monday Home Tint April 4th
Carl Caruso report April 5th
Seniors 2022-04-06 Game
Liz Malone report 7 April 22
Wise Health vs Adam Furniture
Rodney Landscape vs Eagle Eye Care--Johnny Blecher
Farmer vs Home Tint -- Dale Hill
Seniors Softball 13 April
407 BBQ 24 State Farm 23 Johnny B 14 April
Mike Moss--Letter of Admiration
State Farm vs Farmers 18April22-Carl Caruso
Tuesday, April 19th Game Report-- Rosemary "Killer" Neagli
April 20 Game Report-Dale Hill
Wise Health vs Eagle Eye 21 April 22-- Liz Malone
2 May 22 Eagle Eye Care vs Farmers--Ken Quarfoot
Texas 2022 >70 AA State Champions
4 May 22 ProScapes vs MS2-John Thompson
4 May 22 ProScapes vs Corple Corral- John Thompson
4 May 22 Wise Health vs BBQ--Dale Hill
5 May 22 Adams vs Rodney Landscape
9 May 22 Farmers vs Rodney Landscape
11 May 22 MS2 vs Corple Corral
11 May 22 Gray vs Red--Johnny B
12 May 22 Home Tint vs Wise Health
15 May 22 Home Tint vs State Farm
16 May 22 Rodney Landscape vs Home Tint  Rosemary "Killer" Neagli
18 May 22 State Farm vs Wise Health- Dale Hill
19 May 22 Farmers vs Adams Furniture--Ken Quarfoot
23 May 22 407 BBQ vs Eagle Eye Care--Johnny B.
26 May 22 Farmers vs Rodney Landscape- Liz Malone
06 June 22 State Farm vs 407 BBQ
11 June 22 Championship Game--Dale Hill