Hello, Softball fans the 65+ Traveling Team won their Waco Tournament this week.  The 70+ Team placed second. Let's congratulate these guys on their outstanding play.
Where all RR residents are invited to participate in a fun
environment with sportsmanship and safety as a high priority.   Many thanks to our volunteers, team managers, and umpires who keep it fun.

( Labor Day Week is a Bye Week )

2023 Softball Board
President Sean Curry 972-948-2135
Vice-President Gary Warrick 214-668-5575
Secretary Sue Kamrath 651-295-0035
Treasury Ty Nelson 214-766-8991
Commissioner Mike Braam 414-870-0039
Senior Commissioner Debbie Hinson 401-339-1923
At-Large Jerry Hinson 404-431-3449
At-Large Jerry Bennett 817-832-6497

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