Well, softball fans another season has come to a close.  Many thanks to all who helped this season.  Your board and other volunteers will be working in the background.

 See you in the spring.

Where all RR residents are invited to participate in a fun
environment with sportsmanship and safety as a high priority.   Many thanks to our volunteers, team managers, and umpires who keep it fun.

General Membership Meeting Wednesday, Nov 30th 6 PM
Free Pizza and Beer

2022 Softball Board
President Sean Curry 972-948-2135
Vice-President Gary Warrick 214-668-5575
Secretary Sue Kamrath 651-295-0035
Treasury Ty Nelson 214-766-8991
Commissioner Mike Braam 414-870-0039
Senior Commissioner Debbie Hinson 401-339-3449
At-Large Jerry Hinson 404-431-3449
At-Large Jerry Bennett 817-832-6497

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