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There was a question on how the seeds were determined in the Traditional Coed League so we have provided the details below.
Standings are determined first by winning percentage. This is figured by awarding 6 points for each win, 0 points for each loss, and 3 points for each tie. If you add up the points for Down & Dirty and Right Off The Bat (not including practice games), they each have a total of 30 points, or a .556 winning percentage.
So.. the next tie breaker is head-to-head play between the two teams - they played against each other 3 times, with Down & Dirty winning 2 games, Right Off The Bat winning 1 game; therefore the #1 seed went to Down & Dirty. Right off the Bat is the 2nd seed.

Registration opens: August 11, 2014 at 12:00 noon
Registration closes: September 2, 2014 or when filled.
League play begins: September 8, 2014
Ladies League on Mondays, Traditional Coed on Tuesdays,
Mens League on Wednesdays, Casual Coed League on Thursdays
$400 per team, 6 teams max per division.
 Register online at yucca-valley.org or in person at the
Community Center, Mon-Thurs 12pm-5pm
 Register for these and other recreation programs at www.yucca-valley.org
 Sue Earnest, Recreation Supervisor
 760.369.7211  fax 760.369.1605   searnest@yucca-valley.org

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