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Game schedules have been posted.
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The B&G Club and EV Free gyms will be closed for lunch ON Saturdays from 12:00-1:00.
Weeknight Games:
NEW LOCATION!! 7/8 Grade Boys - Fri., Feb. 12th at EV FREE same game time
3/4 Coed - Mon., Feb. 22nd at EV FREE
Check schedules for game times
 Special Notice: All games that were scheduled for the B&G Club this Saturday, Feb 13th has been moved to Joshua Springs Church
located at 57373 Joshua Lane
Gym closures for February: 
No practices on these dates due to events or games:
LCMS:11th & 15th & 23rd 
 B&G Club: Wednesday 10th thru Friday 12th
EV Free: Friday 12th & Monday 22nd 
NOTE: The B&G Club is CLOSED until further notice .
No Pee-Wee Basketball Class and no practices at this location.
  Make-up practice times are available on request
  League Contact: Art Gutierrez, Sports Program Manager
 760.369.7211 ext.237 fax 760.369.1605

Winter 2015-2016 Basketball - Youth