*** Attention Coaches and Parents***
UPDATED 4/18 7:18pm
All outdoor games are being delayed due to field conditions.  Soccer games are delayed by 1 hour and Baseball is delayed by 2 hours with the exception of T-ball and 6U pitch and Tee.
Soccer Example: Game starts at 8:30am now starts at 9:30am.
Baseball Example: Game starts at 8am now starts at 10am. 

Reminder this weekend 4/18, is Make Up Pictures.  If you did not take pictures the first time, here is a second opportunity for your team to take them.  Also, if you take pictures tomorrow  please make sure your team fills out the address part correctly.  Lifetouch will be shipping the photos directly to the players house.
If you took pictures the original week, your pictures will be available for pick up.
Lifetouch will be set up in between soccer and baseball with a blue tent by soccer concession stand.
 Thank you for participating in our Programs!

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