2015 Adult Softball Applications are available under downloadable files!  
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Jill Bruns, Youth Athletic Supervisor
224-521-2560/ jill.bruns@glenviewparks.org

Chris Pietrini, Adult Athletics Supervisor
224-521-2546 / chris.pietrini@glenviewparks.org
For rainout information please download the 'RAINOUT LINE APP' for iPhone and Android for instant rainout updates.  If you would prefer to receive text alerts or emails please go to www.glenviewparks.org/weather-cancellations/ for more information about how to sign up.  
The Glenview Park District Rainout Line is  847-724-3337.

New recording will be made AFTER 3:30pm if necessary. 
If the message has not been updated, assume all games are on.

Winter 2015 Volleyball - Adult

Spring 2015 Basketball - Youth

Fall 2014 Softball - Adult

Fall 2014 Volleyball - Adult

Summer 2014 Softball - Adult

Summer 2014 Volleyball - Adult

Winter 2014 Volleyball - Adult

Fall 2013 Softball - Adult

Fall 2013 Volleyball - Adult

Summer 2013 Softball

Summer 2013 Volleyball - Adult

Winter 2013 Volleyball - Adult