Welcome to the Four Star Baseball Website!
The Four Star League is a group of towns and their surrounding Communities (Chapters) in northeast Colorado who conduct a nonprofit, community sponsored, recreational program guided by league directors, chapter representatives and team coaches who enjoy kids and baseball.
The purpose of this league is for the kids that play.
League President 

303.594.6981 or blkyuic@msn.com

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Reporting Results

Winning team must report result of game within 2 days to appropriate division recorder.  You must include the following information (in this format) when reporting a game result:

1. Original game date according to schedule:
2. Final score:  
3. Teams involved:
4. Winner of game: 
*Email is the preferred reporting method.

It is important that all four items above are listed when emailing results information for regular season league play. 

Rain-Out Guide Lines


In case of inclement weather it is the responsibility of the home team coach to contact the visiting team coach. The home team coach should report all weather related information to the visiting team in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary travel. It is suggested that coaches list a cell phone number under the coaches contact section so the most up to date information is received. In the event that a partial or full game is canceled due to weather or lack of light the home team must contact the visiting team within 48 hrs. to reschedule. All league games must be played prior to your divisions tournament meeting. 

Since home team coaches may not always have the most up to date weather or field conditions all coaches/parents are strongly encouraged to contact each communities weather hotline BEFORE they leave for a league game.  Please see below:


Carbon Valley Recreation District: 303.833.3660

Town of Erie: 303.926.2550 (option 4) or www.quickscores.com/erie

Town of LaSalle: 970.284.0900

Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District: 970.586.8191 (ext 3) or 970.231.1321 

Town of Platteville: 970.539.1099

City of Fort Lupton: 303.857.4200 (ext. 3)

Gilcrest: 970.396.5436
Hudson/Keenesburg (Rebels Youth Athletics): 970.768.3959 

Pee Wee (9-10)
Pee Wee Game Recorder: Matt David
mdavid@erieco.gov or 303.926.2794 

Juniors (11-12)
Junior Division Game Recorder:
Megan Zwart megan@recdistrict.com or 303.833.3660
Tournament Info:
Junior post-season tournament will be hosted by Carbon Valley Recreation District and scheduled for July 18 & 19.  The top 8 teams with the best overall record will advance to the end of season tournament. If your team qualifies for the tournament you will be contacted with needed information.
Contact Megan Zwart megan@recdistrict.com or 303.833.3660 for more information. 

Seniors (13-14)
Senior Division Game Recorder:

Josh Polgar @ jpolgar@c3gov.com or 303.289.3705
Tournament Info:
Seniors post-season tournament will be hosted by Commerce City and scheduled for July 18 & 19. 
The top 8 teams with the best overall record will advance to the end of season tournament. The Tournament meeting: TBD
Contact Josh Polgar at jpolgar@c3gov.com or 303.289.3705 for more information.