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Heritage Landing games are still on schedule 
Spring Soccer Dates to know......

Registration Deadline - Feb 23
Season Opening Day - Apr 7
Picture Day - Apr 21
Final Day of Season - May 19

Quick Soccer Facts

- Registration Fee is $85 per player
- Registration includes 8 scheduled games, jersey and socks
- $55 discount for volunteering to be Head Coach
- Practices are typically 1-2 nights a week at the coaches discretion
- Practices will be held in your neighborhood
- Games will be played Saturday's between 8:30 - 1:30
- Games will be played at Bartram Springs and Heritage Landing
- Bartram Springs games also include Durbin Crossing and Aberdeen
- Heritage Landing games also include Murabella, Rivertown and WGV
- Divisions Offered
U5 - 3&4 year olds
U6 - 4&5 year olds
U8 - 6&7 year olds
U11 - 8-10 year olds
U14 - 11-13 year olds
(4 year olds may choose between U5 and U6)


Q - What is the cutoff date to determine in what division my child will play?
A - September 1, 2017. We always use Sep 1 for all our leagues as we try to allow kids to always remain with other kids from their grade in school

Q - My child turned 3 after the cutoff. Is he/she allowed to play still?
A - Of course. The only 2 things I would like to tell you though. 1. Make sure they're able to take instruction from a coach. 2. Know that they'll be playing with some older 4 year olds out there. If you're ok with those 2 things.....bring em on!!

Q - I see you supply the jersey and socks. What else do we need?
A - Shinguards are mandatory. You'll need those. Cleats are not mandatory, but are recommended. And probably have a soccer ball for practice.
(size 3 for U5,U6&U8, size 4 for U11, size 5 for U14)
  If you have any questions please email or call
David Callahan
(904) 219-1551
or call your local Amenity Center

Bartram Springs Amenity Center:
(904) 880-5156
Aberdeen Amenity Center:
(904) 217-0925
Durbin Crossing Amenity Center:
(904) 230-2011

Heritage Landing Amenity Center:
(904) 940-6095

Murabella Amenity Center:
 (904) 940-1157

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