Northern Utah Baseball Tournament - 5th/6th Grade

Summer 2022  -  Baseball - Youth
Pitching Log
*Extra Innings- if there needs to be extra innings.  We will start with a base runner on 2nd base - The runner is the batter preceding the first batter of the inning in the batting order - we will have a winner in each game*
**Coin toss to determine home team if seeds are the same and on the same side of the bracket-
Championship Game will always have home team be from the Winners bracket no matter the seeding-
If Game will be coin toss to determine home team**
Pool Play Standings
Blue Layton Blue 201.0006
Blue Kaysville - Gold 110.50013
Blue Syracuse - Red 110.500221
Blue West Haven 020.00022
White Layton Red 201.0004
White Kaysville - White 110.500--9
White Farmington 110.500--17
White Syracuse Blue 020.00022
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadRA = Runs Allowed

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