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Welcome to WSL!

Welcome to the World Sports League online bracketing!
Live game updating will take place on this website for the WSL World Championships!
Managers, players, & spectators can come on here to keep up with the brackets, you can also subscribe with your smart phone and have instant updating sent directly to your mobile device!
Any weather delays or issues an email will be generated from this site and sent to the managers email. Anyone with the cell phone subricption will also get those same weather updates.
Nathan Kendrick, CEO / President
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Bill Chard, Senior Vice President
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» 2017 East Coast Championships Softball - Adult
» 2017 Midwest Nationals Softball - Adult
» 2017 Kenton Lakes Summer Leagues Softball - Adult
» 2017 Schutzenfest Softball - Adult
» 2017 Worth / Miken Championship Series Softball - Adult
» 2017 Ohio South State Championships Softball - Adult
» U.A. Nationals Plumbers & Pipefitters Softball - Adult
» 2017 Kentucky State Championships Softball - Adult