COVID-19 Return-to-Play Guidelines

Adult Softball

Disclaimer: Participants, parents, family, and spectators engaging in activities do so with the knowledge of the risk and potential exposure involved and agree to accept any and all inherent risks to their personal health.

Symptom check at home. If you have a temperature exceeding 100.4, or and COVID-19 symptoms, you should stay at home. You should also not come to the activity if you are known to have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19.



  • Dugouts and high touch areas will be sanitized after the changing of teams.
  • Do not enter the dugout until a Parks & Recreation employee has sanitized the high touch areas.
  • Teams will be responsible for shagging their own softballs.
  • Follow all local and state guidelines.
  • High-risk individuals are encouraged to stay at home.
  • Spectators are discouraged attend, if attending spectators are required to use social distancing by bringing your own chair and spreading out around the playing field. Bleachers will be removed.
  • All players and spectators are encouraged to wear a mask or other face covering until the CDC, state and local authorities declare that masks are no longer recommended.
  • All players are required to continue social distancing on and off the field where possible.
  • It is recommended players and spectators bring hand sanitizing products.
  • It is recommended that all players use their own equipment while participating. This includes gloves, bats, etc. If sharing it is required that equipment be sanitized in between uses.
  • One coach per team will conduct a pregame coin toss while practicing social distancing of 6 feet.
  • It is required that the catcher shall position themselves at the backstop behind the umpire during a player’s at-bat to allow for social distancing.
  • Teams must leave the field and dugouts immediately after the game concludes.
  • It is recommended that players stand outside the dugout to allow for social distancing, but not on the field of play.
  • Game times will be shortened to 45 minutes to ensure adherence to social distancing during the crossover of teams.
  • Participants are responsible for water/sports drinks in a bottled format and making sure they are clearly marked/identified. No sharing.
  • Use of sunflower seeds is discouraged.
  • No handshakes/ high fives or team huddles. A separate form of celebration and team sportsmanship with no contact should be created.

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435-671-1884 / tbaker@wasatch.utah.gov
Erik Lappe
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