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2024 District 28 All-Star Tournaments
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Bracket Updates 
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District 28 Dress Code 

Objective: The objective of this rule is to establish a consistent and professional appearance for managers and coaches during all-district baseball games, fostering a positive and organized environment for players, parents, and officials.


Dress Code Requirement: Managers and coaches are required to wear polo-type shirts during all-district 28 baseball games. These shirts must have a collar and short or long sleeves.  They should be clean, presentable, and free from offensive or inappropriate graphics or slogans.



  • Encouraging managers and coaches to wear polo-type shirts promotes professionalism within the District 28 Tournaments environment. It sets a positive example for players, emphasizing the importance of a neat and organized appearance while representing the team.
  • Uniformity among managers and coaches helps distinguish them from players and enhances team identification for players, parents, and officials. This clarity can minimize confusion during games, improving communication and coordination.
  • The dress code ensures that managers and coaches can be easily recognized and identified in case of emergencies or inquiries from parents or officials. It also aids in effective communication between coaches, players, and umpires during the games
Exemption: In certain circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions, league officials may grant temporary exemptions to the dress code. These exceptions should be communicated and documented before the game or event.


District 28 Staff
                                                                    Administrator - Sam Yaeger

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