Toy Bowl Association
Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama

Welcome to the website of the Catholic youth sports association of the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama. Toy Bowl is a non-profit organization that fosters the physical, mental, and spiritual development of children in the schools and parishes of the Diocese through participation in
organized team sports.

Awards Schedule: 

12:15 Starter and 3rd/4th Flea Awards 

1:00 Junior GIRLS Game - followed by regular season awards 

2:30 Junior BOYS Game  - followed by regular season awards

4:00 Senior Boys Game - followed by regular season awards


Regular season standings:
Starter girls: - Awards at 12:15
1st OLS-S
3rd POP -C
Starter boys green: Awards at 12:15 
1st OLS-M, SRA-L and POP-W
2nd POP-L and OLV-S
3rd POP-D
Starter Boys White: Awards at 12:15 
1st SRA
2nd POP-N
3rd OLS-CK
Flea Girls:  Awards at 12:15 
1st SRA-R and POP-B
2nd POP-H
Flea boys Green:  Awards at 12:15 
1st OLS-M and SRA-D
2nd OLS-P
3rd OLV-V
Flea Boys White:  Awards at 12:15 
1st POP-S
2nd OLS-M
Junior girls: Awards after the 1:00 game
1st POP-L and SRA-C
2nd OLS-R
3rd POP-S
Junior Boys: Awards after the 2:30 game
1st OLS-F
2nd OLS-B, SRA-PM and POP-A
3rd OLS-K
Senior Boys: Awards after the 4:00 game
1st SRA 2nd Advent
3rd POP-S
Concussion Information:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports
All Coaches and Parents are required to review and sign this information.

If you have any questions, please contact your athletic director.  AD information is listed on each gym's respective page at "Locations & Maps" (click above).

For directions to a gym, click "Locations & Maps".

Click "Downloads" above for Toy Bowl documents and forms.
For a list of Toy Bowl officers, click "Contact Us" under "Help" above.

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