SUNYFL 2023 Season Schedule
A couple of things to keep in mind when reviewing the schedule:
  • If you have an odd number of teams in your division you will have a bye.  We always try to avoid bye's if possible but it can't always be avoided.  If you want to reach out to other teams that might have a bye that same week for a scrimmage, please do so.  You can contact your District President for team info if needed.

  • Any cross over games between divisions will not count. A team cannot forfeit a cross over game or there will be league consequences.  All games scheduled by the league need to be played.

  • If you play a team twice in your division both games will count.  In the event there is a tie breaker situation the league will reach out to the teams involved to provide tie breaker info.

  • There are a few teams that will have games scheduled the week of UEA on Oct 11th.  We might have to change the date to either the 9th or 10th depending on field availability.  These teams needed another game and vs them playing 2 games in one day, we are scheduling them the week we don't have games but before the weekend break.

  • The league with the district presidents had a meeting and reviewed team division placement.  Past season records and performance at SUN Jam helped determine team placements and all agreed with the placements.

  • The White division is not a B division, it is an intermediate division.  There are some teams that played in the A division last year that are now playing in white and some teams that played in red last year that are playing in white.  

  • Please know that season schedules are very complex, especially with our different locations every week.  A great deal of time goes into creating this schedule so we will not take any special requests from coaches for game times, locations etc.  

  • You could be 2 St George teams playing in Cedar for the 1st portion of the season.  We like to have our games in cooler temps at the start of the season and these are the fields that are available during these times so some games will be played there.  Also on Oct 21st the whole league is in Mesquite at the Sports Complex so if you see those games there, that is why.
If you have any questions, please reach out to your district president.  We apologize for the delay in getting the schedule out.  We really wanted to take our time to get the teams in the right divisions which required a lot of research and feedback to do so.  
We are excited to get this season started and appreciate you all for your understanding.
Let's play some FOOTBALL!!!!

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