We are excited to get our 2022 Fall Season underway!  A couple of things to mention when looking at the schedule:
  • We only have certain fields we can use each week, so you could be 2 St George teams and play your games in Cedar or Parowan.  We compete with many sports for the high school fields so we have to schedule games where we have open spots.  
  • You could play on a grass field at a middle school during the season.  With us growing as we have, we needed to secure more fields to accommodate our games, therefore we needed to add middle school fields to our schedule in order to make this happen.
  • We try to give all teams home games when we have your home field but due to opponents having to get homes games as well and who you are matched up against you might play at a different location.
  • We changed it this year to make our latest game that would be played during the season at 8:15pm instead of 10:00pm.  You're welcome ;-)
  • The schedule is ALWAYS subject to change, so please check the schedule prior to each game to ensure you have the most updated information
  • Please remember, our refs are human beings.  Let's all be kind.
  • Lastly, lets all try to remember that its all about just playing football, which all of our players are so excited to do!
**The Games in Nevada are Nevada Time**
  • Divisions: The Red Division is our developmental division. The Blue, White and Yellow Divisions are all the accelerated divisions. The 7th grade is the only grade with the yellow division as we didn't have enough teams to split them into 2 A divisions, so they are all just grouped together. The Blue and White divisions are both accelerated groups that were separated into 2 different divisions because we had so many teams in that grade group. The 1st and 4th seeded teams from last year are in the Blue Division and the 2nd and 3rd seeded teams from last year are in the White Division. The rest of the teams we randomly picked out of a draw and placed them in either Blue or White. Any cross over games in the Blue and White divisions will not count towards you standings nor will any games marked non region. The top 2 teams in the Blue and White Divisions will play in the playoffs for the championship. For the Yellow division, the top 4 will complete in the playoffs for the championships. The top 4 teams in the Red Division will compete in the playoffs for the championship.
Thank you all for being a part of the SUNYFL Family!  Now let's play some FOOTBALL!

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