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Hello to our SUNYFL Family.  Here are a couple things you need to be aware of when it comes to the schedule.  Please review the information below before proceeding.
  • The fields are predetermined months before the season starts.  We have to coordinate the use of the fields with the local soccer organization so field locations are set way ahead of time.  Because of this we have no way of knowing who is going to make it to playoffs or championships so some teams that are higher seed will play at home for playoffs.

  • Because of our growth (which is awesome) we had to pick up secondary grass fields for games.  Majority of these grass fields are only 80 yards which means only 3rd and 4th grade can play on them.  Therefore, the 3rd and 4th grade teams will mostly be playing on these grass fields.

  • Because it is still so hot in St George in Sept we take a break on the turf fields for the first 3 games of the season and we don't have games at 1:15 and 3:00.  Because of this we have to move those games somewhere else.  We reserved the fields at Parowan and Cedar City early in the season for this reason because it is way cooler up there. Therefore, you could be a St George Team playing another St George team at Parowan or Cedar City.

  • You also could be St George teams playing in Mesquite as we have no more time slots for the fields being used in St George and therefore the field we reserved in Mesquite will need to be used.

  • Just because there are games at your home field doesn't mean you will always get the home game.  This depends on number of time slots on the field as well as your opponent and if they need a home game as well.  We do the best we can to get everyone at home games when they are there but we only have certain time slots for each field and need to fill those slots at other locations when needed.

  • Games played in Nevada will be Nevada time

  • The schedule is always subject to change, so please check the website or app frequently for game times.
We are excited to finally get this season started!  Please be respectful of our fields, our coaches, our refs and mostly each other.
Let's play some football!

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