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We are so excited to get our 2020 season started! Please keep in mind that with Virgin Valley and Moapa Valley only being able to play at their designated field, that means some of your teams might not get home games if you are playing one of those teams. It is also important to note, that with the league taking a break on our turf fields during the hottest part of the day for the first 3 weeks of the season, that limits the slots available at each turf field and therefore your team might have to play at a different location. Player safety is very important to us and we hope you share in our concern and appreciate your understanding.  If your game says Non Region game, that means you play this teams twice and the first game played against them won't count towards the end of year standings. And yes, the older teams will have games at 10pm at times :-)
Also, you could be a St George area team playing another St George area team at a field like Parowan.  We are only allotted so many fields we can use a week so we need to use the fields we have reserved.   Most importantly, we are just excited to be able to play football :-)  This has been a very challenging year so far and the fact we can actual play football should be our focus.
Also, please be aware of our COVID-19 policies that have been emailed to you.  If your player is experiencing any symptoms, please keep them home.  Each parent will need to temperature & symptom check their players before each game and practice and report that information to the team mom or coach before each game or practice.  It is also important to note that our game sites are not considered COVID Free zones and you will enter at your own risk.  Please be sure that you are social distancing in the stands and if you cannot maintain the 6ft distance you should wear a mask. 

** Schedule is subject to change**

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