Mammoth Sports Academy Rules
No Gum on Turf Fields
No Sunflower Seeds on Turf Fields
No Food on Turf Fields
Directions to Mammoth Sports Academy
SSA Complex Rules
NO Smoking
NO Alcohol
NO Pets
NO Parking on the grass (unless by the white house)
NO stopping along the grass to drop people off
All city and county laws and ordinances will be followed or you will be ticketed.

Please be mindful of these rules so we all can enjoy our kids playing soccer. Show respect and practice good sportsmanship or you will be asked to leave the complex.
Remember these are kids playing!!!
Away- White Jerseys        
Home- Navy Blue Jerseys
Please check out all upcoming events; tournaments, camps, leagues and much more on our website.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Alex Delaney
 Lindsay Ransom 
PH: 785-233-9700

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