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Important Dates

  • Tuesday, February 13th - Registration online opens at 9am  
  • Thursday, February 29th - Registration Deadline 
  • Wednesday, March 6th: Team Managers Meeting via Zoom @ 7pm
  • Monday, March 11th - Start league play 


Registration Information 


    • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday will be Coed
    • Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday will be Men's
  • All teams may register as soon as registration opens:  
You are responsible for making sure your registration form was received
(please call 650.522.7430 for verification).  


Adult Softball Rules & Forms 
Under NO Circumstances may a player from another team fill in on a different team in the same league.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Any team caught utilizing a player on another team's roster within the same league will automatically be given a forfeit.  Any player caught playing for 2 different teams may also be subject to disciplinary action. 
CO-ED: 3 Women Minimum Rule
 Pitching Rule Addendum
Alternate Batter Rule Corporate Coed
San Mateo Rules of Play
Team Roster
(Teams need the City of San Mateo's approval to Add/Drop any  players after 3rd game)

Equipment Information
Want to know if your bat is legal? 
Click HERE for all current USA equipment information.
Unless specified in the City Rules above please refer to the USA Adult Slow-pitch Rulebook 


 Field Condition Hotline: 650.522.7439
Twitter Account: @smfieldupdates


Interested In Our Leagues?
For more information about the Regional Softball League please email
Free Agent Information
If you are a "Free Agent" and are looking for a team to join, please click on the free agents sign above!
  • Once filled out please hit submit and I will receive it. 
  • Once filled out a manger will notify you if they need you on their team! 
If your team is looking for free agents, please click on the Free Agent Nation sign above! There are people looking to join your team!! 
Don't Be... "That Guy/Girl" 
The San Mateo Regional Adult Softball League is a Recreational League.  Recreational Leagues are meant to be "Recreational."
rec·re·a·tion·al (adjective): relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.
Healthy competition is great but don't be the person that gets tossed from an adult slow pitch softball game. 
  • The pitches slowly come in underhand on an arc
  • The umpires are human
  • There are no scouts in the stands
  • The t-shirts given to the league champs are $8
  • We all have lives off the field      
Play hard, have fun, and be a good sport!!!

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