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Club Points Calculations


Doubles Team Leagues

Advanced/1st tier - 15 for tournament winner. 15 for Reg. Season Winner


Tournaments (Majors worth double the total points)

Advanced/1st tier - 25 for tournament winner, 20 for 2nd, 15 for 3rd

High Intermediate/2nd tier - 15 for tournament winner, 10 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd


Challenge Event

8pts for 1st and 2nd place, and -1pt for each 2 places below


Club Ladder League

Advanced/1st tier -  30pts for seasonal winner, and -3points for each place down to 10th place


Squads 4-player Team League

Advanced -  15pts for Regular Season Champ, and 15/10/5pts for 1/2/3 finishers in playoff tournament.

» 2023 Club Points Pickleball
» Forest Park Ongoing Leagues Pickleball
» Frankie Martins Garden Ongoing Leagues Pickleball
» Lake STL Ongoing Leagues Pickleball
» Completed Leagues Pickleball

Early Spring SQUADS Saturday Lg. 4-6pm

SQUADS Advanced League - Early Summer 24

Forest Park Monday Spring Competitive Lg. 24

FMG Tuesday Spring Intermediate Lg. 2024

Forest Park Monday Spring High Int Lg. 24

FMG Monday Spring Intermediate Lg. 2024

Forest Park Monday Spring Low Int. Lg. 24

FMG Tuesday Spring Rec Lg. 2024

Forest Park Monday Spring Rec Lg. 24

FMG Monday Spring Rec Lg. 2024

FMG Wednesday Spring Intermediate Lg. 2024

FMG Wednesday Spring Rec Lg. 2024

PUPC Tuesday Spring Competitive Lg.

Early Winter Tuesday Competitive League

FMG Thursday Spring Intermediate Lg.

FMG Thursday Spring Rec Lg.

PUPC Tuesday Spring Low Int. Lg.

LateWinter Tuesday Competitive Lg.

PUPC Tuesday Spring Rec. Lg.

Early Winter Wednesday Intermediate League

PUPC Thursday Spring Competitive Lg.

Forest Park Sunday Spring HiInter/Competitive Lg.

LateWinter Tuesday Intermediate Lg.

PUPC Thursday Spring Low Int. Lg

Forest Park Sunday Spring Inter. Lg.

LateWinter Tuesday Recreational Lg.

PUPC Thursday Spring Rec Lg.

Forest Park Sunday Spring Rec. Lg.

Winter Tuesday High Inter./Competitive League

Early Winter Wednesday Recreational League

LateWinter Wednesday Recreational Lg.

LateWinter Thursday Competitive League

Winter Thursday High Inter./Competitive League

LateWinter Thursday Intermediate Lg.

Winter Thursday Intermediate League

LateWinter Thursday Recreational Lg.

Winter Wednesday Intermediate League

MasterCard League

Winter Thursday Recreational League

Winter Tuesday Intermediate League

Winter Wednesday Recreational League

Fall Thursday Intermediate Leagues

Winter SQUADS Competitive Saturday League

Winter Tuesday Recreational League

Early Winter Tuesday Intermediate League

Fall Tuesday High Intermediate

Early Winter Tuesday Recreational League

Fall Tuesday Low Intermediate

SUMMER Tuesday Night Low Intermediate

Early Winter Thursday Competitive League

Early Winter Thursday Intermediate League

SUMMER Tuesday Night High Intermediate

Early Winter Thursday Recreational League

» Completed Tournaments Pickleball

April Paddle Battle Singles (7pm Friday 4/5)

Stars and Stripes - Singles 7/5 6:30pm

PUPC Squads 4-player Team Tourney 6/21

Stars and Stripes - Doubles 7/6 - 10AM

Memorial - Advanced Squads Friday 5/24

Stars and Stripes - Advanced Squads 7/6 - 3pm

Lauren Murphy Open - Mens 12pm 5/18

Memorial - High Intermediate 5/25 12pm

Lauren Murphy Open - Women's 3pm 5/18

Memorial - Low Intermediate 5/25 3:30pm

Memorial - Recreational 5/25 7pm

Prados Tournament (Adv./HiInter - 5/4 Saturday - 1pm Start)

Bracket Madness High Int. 12pm 3/23

Lauren Murphy Open - Mixed 9am 5/19

Prados Tournament (Low Inter - 5/5 Sunday 9am Start)

April Paddle Battle Womens (9am Saturday 4/6)

Prados Tournament (Recreational - 5/5 Sunday 1pm Start)

FallTournament Womens 9/23

April Paddle Battle Mens (1:30pm Saturday 4/6)

Bracket Madness Low Int. 3:30pm 3/23

April Paddle Battle Mixed (9am Sunday 4/7)

WYGTHS 6:30pm Singles

Bracket Madness Social 7pm 3/23

Winter Classic Singles (1/26 - 7pm)

Bracket Madness Advanced 7pm 3/22

WYGTHS 9am Womens Tournament

MS Society Fundraiser Tournament

WYGTHS 1:30pm Mens Tournament

Winter Classic All Womens/Mens 3.0 (1/27 - 9am)

WYGTHS Mixed Tournament 9am (LowInt/Rec)

Santa Smash - Women's

WYGTHS Mixed Tournament 1:30pm (HiInt/Comp)

Where'd You Go to High School? - School Standings

Winter Classic Mens 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 (1/27 - 1:30pm)

Komen Tournament - Womens

Winter Classic Mixed Doubles 3.0 and 3.5 (1/28 - 9am)

Santa Smash - Mens

Winter Classic Mixed 4.0+ (1/28 - 12:30pm)

FallTournament Mens 9/23

Santa Smash - Mixed

Komen Tournament - Mens

FallTournament Mixed 9/24

Komen Tournament - Mixed