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Round Barn Heritage Fest Adult Coed Sand Volleyball Tournament Team Roster Form
Winter Adult Basketball                                        Spring Youth Baseball                                           Spring Youth Soccer
Season: January - March                                              Season: April - June                                                      Season: April - June  
Registration Begins: December 3                               Registration Begins: December 3                         Registration Begins: December 3
Registration Closes: January 10                                 Registration Closes: March 1st                               Registration Closes: March 1st
Summer Adult Softball                                   
Season: May - August                                                           
Registration Begins: March 7th                             
Registration Closes: April 1st                               
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For more information and how to register your team, please contact
Jacob Kaplan  -  Athletic Coordinator
jkaplan@manhattanparks.org     815-478-3324 x 202