Welcome to Godley Volleyball Association!
We are a non-profit youth program to help 3rd through 8th graders to learn basic skills to play volleyball while having fun.  Our goal is to get your kids ready for middle/high school volleyball.  We help beginners and intermediate players to reach their potential.
We welcome other surrounding cities of Godley to participate in our volleyball seasons Fall/Spring year round.  If you are a parent/coach who has their own team, with your own uniforms, and your own practice facility(or we can provide a practice time slot).  And wish to play in our league.  Please register your team under "Team Registration with Roster", (their is a convenience fee for online payment for team registration).  Team Cost is $500 per team.
Game schedules are posted up!




We will start at 6pm at the 5/6th Campus


Haley 3rd  - 6pm

Haley 6/7th  -  6:15pm

Caitlyn  -  6:30pm

Madison 6/7th  -  6:45pm

Dana 4th  - 7pm

Landry 5th -  7:15pm


Practice to start week of 9/06/2021
Working on the game schedule should have ready by 9/17/21
Games start 10/2-10/30/21
For updated information like our Facebook page Godley Volleyball Association
Twitter @GodleyVball or www.godleyvolleyball.org 
For questions please contact below:
JoAnn Baldonado  
or Haley Junior 817-901-0170

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