The Board of GAA has continued to monitor COVID-19 updates on a daily basis.  Since our initial decision to suspend the season until March 29th, there have been additional steps recommended by local, state and national organizations to help reduce the spread of this aggressive virus.  Given the continued suspension of activities, school closures, UIL suspension, and increased social distancing, GAA has made the decision to extend our season suspension.  GAA season will now be suspended until April 19th. Obviously that means no practice, gatherings, or games until after that time.


GAA has developed numerous contingency plans to play this season depending upon when we are given the go ahead by various associations across the state and country.  We will always make the health and safety of the kids within our organization our first priority. 


Obviously, we are all waiting to know what our future holds as there seems to be new developments everyday. We continue to ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented time together.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@granburyathletic.com.


Stay safe and God Bless!

GAA will be implementing new bat rules effective FALL 2020.  GAA adopted USA BAT standards. If you are going out to purchase your player a new bat for the SPRING 2020 season, please make sure your bat has the USA Bat stamp on it.  ALL BATS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE USA BAT STAMP EFFECTIVE FALL 2020.

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The Granbury Basketball Association and Granbury Athletic Association will now work together to bring three sports to the youth of Hood County!  In addition to softball and baseball, this website will be the primary location for youth basketball, too!



See below for information on all three sports!



   Rain Information

During the season if there is a chance of rain games could be moved.  If there are any updates we will post them here, on our Facebook page and will update the phone line as soon as they are available.
We will also have the commissioners text the coaches once decisions are made.  Please be patient as there are a few steps to these decisions being made.

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