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Claudio B. Fernandez, Sports Park - League Manager

915-857-7676 / clfernandez@epcounty.com


Desiree Gomez, Sports Park - Administrative Specialist Int.
915-857-7676  /  degomez@epcounty.com





  • Please make sure ALL coaches/team enforcers are wearing their coaching ID’s above the waist and on the chest area or clipped on chest pocket area.
  • No coach will be allowed to be on the field or in the dugout without an ID. No exceptions.
  • Receipts will NOT be accepted as a form of background.
  • ID’s can be picked up during office hours. Replacement ID’s are $5. Umpires & staff will be checking expiration dates.
  • IF a coach/team enforcer is caught on the field or in the dugout with a background that does not meet requirements for the Sportspark and has been notified by County personnel, this will result in an automatic forfeit. There will be no appeals for this type of forfeited games.
  • County policy requires background checks for all adults that will be in the dugout or on the field. A VISIBLE COUNTY BACKGROUND ID ABOVE THE WAIST AND ON THE CHEST AREA will be required at all times.
  • Backgrounds MUST be done with us and take 7-10 business days. Any background that expires during season will need to be renewed in the front office. No coach/team enforcer will be allowed to coach until it returns with results. Backgrounds are $40 (credit/debit, money order or cashier’s check).
  • As of August 9th 2021, city ID cards will no longer be accepted on the field or in the dugout. Any city ID’s that were in our system before August 9th, 2021 will qualify to be issued a replacement sportspark ID (using the same expiration date as on the card) in the front office. Once replacement ID expires, you will need to renew the background in the front office. We will NOT be accepting any new city ID’s. Anyone not in our system will have to do the background check process with us.
  • No coach will be allowed to be on the field or in the dugout with the white or yellow city ID card. They will be asked to step out. Any coach caught in the dugout or on the field without a valid sportspark coaching ID visibly displayed on the chest area after being given a warning by staff and umpires, will result in a forfeit. No exceptions. 

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