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Ann Johnson, Sportspark - Manager
915-857-7676 / tjohnson@epcounty.com
Claudio B. Fernandez, Sportspark - League Manager
915-857-7676 / clfernandez@epcounty.com 

Background check process for all volunteer coaches, umpires, and team representatives is up and running. $40 charge and the background check is good for 2 years. Payment must be in cash, money order, credit card or cashier’s check. Forms are in the office, on the El Paso County Sportspark website. We will only accept the City of El Paso's Park & Rec or  El Paso County's Sportspark background check from this point forward. If you currently have a City Yellow ID coaching card, we will be accepting those as well. Anyone in the dugout MUST get a background check. This includes any law enforcement, teachers, anyone in the medical field or military. If you currently have any type of background besides City of El Paso or County of El Paso background, we will no longer be accepting those


All coach's MUST wear their coaching ID's at ALL times. No exceptions. You must have the physical ID on hand. Pictures or copies of the ID's will not be accepted during game time(s). Umpires will be checking thoroughly throughout game(s). If you do not have your coach's ID during game time, you will be asked to exit the dugout or you will be removed from the field. 




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