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Claudio B. Fernandez, Sportspark - League Manager

915-857-7676  ext. 24 / clfernandez@epcounty.com


Desiree Gomez, Sportspark - Administrative Specialist Int.
915/857-7676 ext. 23 /  degomez@epcounty.com


 For ANY cancellations due to weather, please call our El Paso County Sportspark Weather Line.

If there are any cancellations, the line will be updated by 4:00pm. 

 In an effort to protect the youth participants and raise standards at El Paso County Sportspark, every coach, umpire, scorekeeper, and other team volunteer (any individual who will be involved with a youth team as designated by the head coach) will be required to pass a background check. There is a $40 charge and the background check is good for 2 years. Payment must be in cash, money order, credit card or cashier’s check. Forms are in the office or on the El Paso County Sportspark website (www.epcounty.com/sportspark). We will only accept a background check from the County of El Paso.      No other background check's will be honored. If you currently have a City Yellow ID coaching card with a valid date, we will accept this, as well. However, when it expires, we encourage you to have the background check processed with the Sportspark. Anyone in the dugout MUST get a background check. There are no exemptions or exceptions. All coach's MUST wear their coaching ID's at ALL times. No exceptions. You must have the physical ID on hand. Pictures or copies of the ID's will not be accepted during game time(s). Umpires will be checking thoroughly throughout game(s). If you do not have your coach's ID during game time, you will be asked to exit the dugout or you will be removed from the field.  Coaches will not be allowed to coach the first game

if they do not have a valid coaching ID card. No exceptions.






 EP County Parks Temporarily Changes Administrative Office Hours

In Response to COVID-19


The Sportspark administrative office located at 1780 North Zaragoza will be closed temporarily until further notice.The temporary change comes in response to the recent pro-active approach the County of El Paso is taking to keep employees and visitors safe from the spread of coronavirus. For more information please email clfernandez@epcounty.com.





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