I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but the CLBBY Board met on Monday, September 28th and decided to move to Plan B for the 2020/21 Basketball season. Our hope is to play basketball this season, but with several gyms not available in November, we had no choice but to move to the next option of starting in January

 CLBBY Plan B next steps are as follows:
1. Please begin your individual church registration in October. I would recommend October 5th through November 8th to register your teams.
2. Submit a tentative TEAM registration form (listed Downloads tab). Please email this form to clbbygreenville@gmail.com NO LATER than November 15th. No money is due at this time, but we need to get an idea on the number of teams that will allow us to match up to the gyms available beginning in January.
3. The actual registration will take place on Sunday, December 6th between 2-4pm (Location TBD). Your FINAL team registration and fees will be due. There will be NO late registration and none of your teams will be scheduled without all fees received.
4. On November 15th, CLBBY will provide the standard State of South Carolina guidelines to be followed by HOST GYMS. We will be reaching out to you to make sure your gym will still be available beginning January. More details to follow.
5. The season will begin:
- Saturday, January 2nd for I-Mites, Mites, Minors, and Juniors.
- Monday, January 4th for High School Girls and Boys.
- Thursday, January 7th for Adults.
The schedule will played for 8 straight weeks including MLK and Presidents Day weekends. NO games will be rescheduled this season. Adults will play a longer schedule into March.
On behalf of the CLBBY Board, we ask for your patience as we maneuver through a very unusual 2020.

* A COVID-19 Release Form will be required for all coaches, officials, players, scorekeepers, and gym personnel. HOST gyms will need to follow CDC Guidelines on gym use that will be determined at a later date. Form attached under Downloads tab.

 Revised 9/29/20

Plan B Starting Dates for 2020/21 CLBBY Basketball:
Saturdays - January 2, 2021
Mondays - January 4, 2021
(Senior Boys & Girls)
Thursdays - January 7, 2021

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Gene Hawkins, League Commissioner
864-517-4445 / clbbygreenville@gmail.com
Greenville, SC