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City of Richardson
Corporate Challenge

Division D

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2018 Kickball Roster for Fused

The undersigned participants release the City of Richardson, Texas, (it's officers, agents and employees) from any injuries or damages sustained as the result of the participation in Corporate Challenge. By the signature below the undersigned participants acknowledges that the undersigned has read and understands the Corporate Challenge rules and agrees to abide by them.

Last Name First Name PhoneEmail
Gonzalez Pedro 469-878-8157

  Last Name First Name Gender Status Signature
1 Abubakar Emily Female Employee  
2 Baysinger Schalon Female Employee  
3 Cummings Aislin Female Employee  
4 Fleischmann Brandon Male Employee  
5 Ford Madison Male Employee  
6 Fox Reed Male Employee  
7 Fox Whitney Female Employee  
8 Gonzales Christopher Male Employee  
9 Gonzales Pedro Male Employee  
10 Medford Michael Male Employee  
11 Olaleye Beni Male Employee  
12 Smith Patrick Male Employee  
13 Speck Karissa Female Employee  
14 Stevens Samanthe Female Employee  
15 Tseng Joshua Male Employee  
16 Tyson Lauren Female Employee  
17 Wertz Channing Female Employee  
18 Whitten Jordan Male Employee  

  Last Name First Name Gender Status Signature
1 Brocato James Male Employee  
2 Fletcher Amanda Female Employee  
3 Harris Seleeka Female Employee  
4 Kafi Seta Female Employee  
5 Milam Barbara Female Employee  
6 Riggs Misty Female Employee  
7 Santos Elizabeth Female Employee  
8 Schoenig Delila Female Employee  
9 Yessica Oliva- Castillo Female Employee