2022 Top Bowlers

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Top Games - Men

# Score Bowler Company
1300Jeff O'DellLennox [A]
2280Joshua KreuterUTD [C]
3270Thomas S&P Global [B]
4268Chris ComptonLennox [A]
4268Christopher JohnsonRaytheon [A]
6257Ernest HarwellTexas Instruments  [A]
6257Sidney GreenFreese and Nichols [C]
6257Tony FM Global [D]
9255Christopher JohnsonRaytheon [A]
10250Eric WhiteGeico [B]

Top Games - Women

# Score Bowler Company
1223Toni TookeBlue Cross [A]
2222Dana ShortUTD [C]
3220Michael ZimmerTexas Instruments  [A]
3220Chanette ShawMcKesson [B]
5218Michael ZimmerTexas Instruments  [A]
6215Michael ZimmerTexas Instruments  [A]
7213Wendi LehrGlobe Life  [A]
8211Nhan NguyenBlue Cross [A]
9207Monica AdamsBlue Cross [A]
10206Jackie FisherState Farm  [A]

Top Series - Men

# Series Bowler Company
1 761Christopher JohnsonRaytheon [A]
2 710Jeff O'DellLennox [A]
3 709Thomas S&P Global [B]
4 707Chris ComptonLennox [A]
5 705Riley ChambersKPMG [B]
6 700Joshua KreuterUTD [C]
7 694Ernest HarwellTexas Instruments  [A]
8 677Tony FM Global [D]
9 651Danh NguyenBlue Cross [A]
10 646Steve FuhrmanE4D Technologies [D]

Top Series - Women

# Series Bowler Company
1 653Michael ZimmerTexas Instruments  [A]
2 596Chanette ShawMcKesson [B]
3 580Dana ShortUTD [C]
4 575Wendi LehrGlobe Life  [A]
5 573Virginia HummellGeico [B]
6 569April PaleczkaLennox [A]
7 552Jackie FisherState Farm  [A]
8 537Monica AdamsBlue Cross [A]
9 527Toni TookeBlue Cross [A]
10 522Nhan NguyenBlue Cross [A]