2019 Top Bowlers

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Top Games - Men

# Score Bowler Company
1279Tony ReedState Farm  [A]
1279Ben WalkCUTX [BB]
1279Scott SpolarPFSweb [BB]
4267Stephen SchellPioneer [A]
4267Kevin BressonSouthwest Airlines  [A]
4267David WatsonTexas Instruments  [A]
7266Blake SappPepsiCo  [A]
8258Seth WalkerGeico [AA]
9256Chris ComptonLennox [A]
10255Kevin BressonSouthwest Airlines  [A]

Top Games - Women

# Score Bowler Company
1250Ashdon StundaSlalom  [C]
2248Jelesa MarylandSouthwest Airlines  [A]
3247Katie MinningFossil [AA]
4237Kinesha ElmoreGeico [AA]
5235Ashdon StundaSlalom  [C]
6233Megan SimonSouthwest Airlines  [A]
7226Jacqueline FisherState Farm  [A]
7226Angie TokarzL-3 Harris [C]
9225Javier CavazosKPMG [AA]
10223Houston BlankenshipFossil [AA]

Top Series - Men

# Series Bowler Company
1 761David WatsonTexas Instruments  [A]
2 754Tony ReedState Farm  [A]
3 747Kevin BressonSouthwest Airlines  [A]
4 745Scott SpolarPFSweb [BB]
5 725Blake SappPepsiCo  [A]
6 703Ben WalkCUTX [BB]
7 692anthony-big dog jollyFM Global [D]
8 688Chris ComptonLennox [A]
9 674Mark HannahGlobe Life [AA]
10 673David DytkoBlue Cross Blue Shield [A]

Top Series - Women

# Series Bowler Company
1 671Ashdon StundaSlalom  [C]
2 645Jelesa MarylandSouthwest Airlines  [A]
3 636Stacie HartsfieldSouthwest Airlines  [A]
4 606Katie MinningFossil [AA]
5 595Anita GloverPFSweb [BB]
6 586Ashley WilsonBlue Cross Blue Shield [A]
7 582Liz TolbertState Farm  [A]
8 576Jacqueline FisherState Farm  [A]
9 574Megan SimonSouthwest Airlines  [A]
10 573Ginger BessSouthwest Airlines  [A]