2018 Top Bowlers

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Top Games - Men

# Score Bowler Company
1279Robert RodriguezSouthwest Airlines  [A]
2269Mark EarleyTexas Instruments  [A]
3268Kirby TschoepeRISD [AA]
4266Robert RodriguezSouthwest Airlines  [A]
5259Brandon DavidsonUTD [B]
6258Steve KrupaPepsiCo  [A]
6258Robert RodriguezSouthwest Airlines  [A]
6258Craig BoyleTexas Instruments  [A]
6258Brandon DavidsonUTD [B]
10255Brian TavenerFM Global [D]

Top Games - Women

# Score Bowler Company
1247Jelesa MarylandSouthwest Airlines  [A]
2236Ginger BessSouthwest Airlines  [A]
3234Gail MayerBlue Cross Blue Shield [A]
4233Stacie HartsfieldSouthwest Airlines  [A]
5223Kimi DavidsonRealpage [AA]
5223Cheryl WashingtonFlowserve [BB]
7215Jelesa MarylandSouthwest Airlines  [A]
8214Virginia HummelGeico [AA]
8214Angelique ChambersKPMG [AA]
10211Jelesa MarylandSouthwest Airlines  [A]

Top Series - Men

# Series Bowler Company
1 803Robert RodriguezSouthwest Airlines  [A]
2 722Brandon DavidsonUTD [B]
3 710Kevin BressonSouthwest Airlines  [A]
4 701Steve KrupaPepsiCo  [A]
5 690Brian TavenerFM Global [D]
6 682Brian ZoltowskiPioneer [A]
7 674Roland MartsolfTexas Instruments  [A]
8 671Ernest HarwellTexas Instruments  [A]
8 671Jason MarylandDell EMC [B]
10 667David WatsonTexas Instruments  [A]

Top Series - Women

# Series Bowler Company
1 673Jelesa MarylandSouthwest Airlines  [A]
2 615Gail MayerBlue Cross Blue Shield [A]
3 614Kimi DavidsonRealpage [AA]
4 604Ginger BessSouthwest Airlines  [A]
5 597Stacie HartsfieldSouthwest Airlines  [A]
6 596Katie MinningFossil [AA]
7 585Virginia HummelGeico [AA]
8 577Cheryl WashingtonFlowserve [BB]
9 558Pat BonnerRealpage [AA]
10 551Deborah SchzrkaCDS [C]