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All games will play as scheduled.






New/Revised Rules for Azle 2019 Modified Coed:



Line-up:    A Modified Co-Ed team consists of 10 players, 6 men and 4 women, 5 men and 5 women will be allowed.   Teams may start the game with 5 males and 4 females. If a team starts with 9 players and a player arrives late, that player may enter the game immediately, in the last spot in the batting order. Until the last player arrives, the vacant position will be an out. Three males may not bat in a row.  If using extra players, 12 players (7 male and 5 female or 6 male and 6 female) must start the game.   A legal lineup shall consist of at least eight players, including no less than four males and four females.


At-Bats:    The batter begins each plate appearance with the count of one ball and one strike.

If a male batter walks before another male batter he is awarded 1st base only. If he walks in front of a female batter he is awarded 2nd base.



  • A USSSA Red Dot Classic Plus ball will only be used when a male is up to bat.  The umpire has the right to eject any ball considered by him or her to be unplayable.


  • Home run rule is 3 and 1 up single rule.- Once both teams hit 3 homeruns each, any team can hit 1 homerun that allows the other team the opportunity to hit 1.  Any homeruns hit over by the same team will count as a single until the opposing team hits a homerun.


  • Rosters: Rosters will be limited to 15 players. As of the beginning of the 2nd calendar week of the season AND regardless of the number of actual games played or not played, rosters are due to the umpires. Rosters must be filled out completely.  Teams that do not turn in rosters will forfeit previous played games until the roster is submitted.  Additions to the rosters will be allowed until the end of your 6th scheduled game.   Rosters will be frozen at the conclusion of the 6th game. No additions will be allowed in the playoffs.


  • We encourage pitchers to wear protective masks.


League Nights


Church Coed Recreation (Monday Night):  Open to co-ed church teams to bring friends and families together for a friendly and fun league.  Ages 16 & up. Double headers will be scheduled each week.

Church Men Recreation (Tuesday Night):  Open to men's church teams for a friendly and fun league.  Ages 16 & up. Double headers will be scheduled each week.

Men's Mix D & E (Thursday Night):  This is a great night for friends to put together a team.   Ages 16 & up.  Double headers will be scheduled each week.


Coed Mix D & E (Friday Night):  This is a very exciting evening to play with friends and families.    Ages 16 & up.  Double headers will be scheduled each week.





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