About Us

Our Family

QuickScores is a family-owned business that is dedicated to helping sports groups run their leagues and tournaments as efficiently as possible, and we do it with a personal touch. When you sign up to become our client, we give you the personal phone numbers of a few staff members that are here to help with anything you need.

We take pride in having the best sports league scheduler in the business, and we aren't satisfied until you're satisfied.

Our History

QuickScores began in 2002 when the Richardson, TX Parks & Rec department (our hometown) asked us to create a sports scheduler for the city. Rather than build a one-client website, we elected to put in the additional effort to build a site that could handle an unlimited number of clients. The City of Richardson was our first client, beginning in the spring of 2003. The Richardson YMCA was our second client and that began our long-time strategic marketing plan of actively marketing to municipalities and YMCAs.

As QuickScores spread to Parks & Recs and YMCAs around the country, local volunteer-run sports groups, like little league baseball or youth soccer, started noticing and approached us about getting their own websites. QuickScores now has more volunteer-run groups and independent tournament groups than we have municipalities and Ys.

QuickScores is used in almost every state of the USA, plus three other countries.

QuickScores was started by Tim Quilici after 30+ years writing and managing software in the telecommunications industry. For the first five years, Tim wrote all of the software and did all of the selling and technical support. One year after starting, Tim’s wife Lois joined part-time to do the invoicing. Five years after QuickScores started, Lois retired from her 30+ year career as a registered nurse to work full-time on invoicing and technical support. After working with a series of part-time programmers, Tim and Lois hired their son, Bryan, to be their first full-time time programmer. With a cum laude Computer Science degree and an MBA, Bryan is the Senior Web Designer who manages a small staff of programmers, thus allowing Tim to focus on executive and marketing duties. After trying more than a dozen salesmen/trainers, we finally found a winner in Elliott Collins, a former Parks & Rec client. Elliott is our Customer Relations Manager who earns rave reviews from our clients.

Overall, we have a super staff at QuickScores and it’s amazing how, leveraging the power of the internet, what a powerful and vibrant business you can build with a small but dedicated staff.