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Youth Soccer
Jake Pawlak, Athletics Program Manager
(630) 953-2371 / jpawlak@lombardparks.com
 Youth Basketball/Youth Softball/Adult Softball contact:
Brad Herrmann, Athletics Program Manager
(630) 519-5852 / bherrmann@lombardparks.com 

Welcome to the Lombard Park District Sports Programs!

This program is designed to meet the athletics needs of the residents and non-residents of Lombard.
Leagues are organized in an effort to meet a variety of skill levels.

Although we open our leagues to skill levels from recreational to competitive, remember this is for FUN.
Have a safe and enjoyable season!

No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are allowed on Park District property.



» Spring 2021 Soccer
» Spring 2021 Softball
» Spring 2021 Softball - Adult
» Fall 2020 Baseball
» Summer 2020 Softball - Adult
» Winter 2019-2020 Basketball - Youth
» Fall 2019 Baseball
» Fall 2019 Soccer - Youth
» Fall 2019 Softball - Adult
» Summer 2019 Basketball - Youth
» Spring 2019 Soccer - Youth
» Spring 2019 Softball - Adult
» Spring 2019 Softball - Fastpitch
» Winter 2018-2019 Basketball - Youth