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IGreer CBA Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to honoring God through the sport of basketball.

The 2018-2019 GCBA Basketball Season Ended Monday, February 18, 2019.
The Board of Directors Thanks All of Our Church Representatives, Gym Representatives, Game Volunteers, as well as All That Participated and Supported those Participants Throughout the Season.
We Would Also Like to Thank Tony McDavid, Our 2018-2019 Director of Officials, and all of the Great Referees that Worked Our Games This Year.  Outstanding Job!.

Eligibility for a School Aged team is determined as follows:
ALL Elementary and Middle School player eligibility is determined by the year that the player was expected to enroll in 1st Grade.  See the Downloads Tab for the Quick Reference Page for specific grade level leagues in order to identify the year.
Churches can choose to have a team in Elementary School Boys Leagues on which Girls play, but Boys cannot play on a team in a Girls League.
GCBA does not allow Middle School Co-ed Teams.
High School Eligibility is limited to those players that are enrolled in (or qualify for enrollment in) a High School program, but have not been enrolled for more than 12 years of education.  Any student that has been enrolled for more than 12 years must play for the Association's Men's or Women's Teams.
GCBA does not sponsor HS Co-ed Teams.
If you would like to participate in Youth and Adult Basketball with the GCBA in the Winter of 2019-2020, check with your church representative for information on registration and participation.
You can find out if your church is a member of GCBA by looking through our Locations and Maps tab on this website.
If you would like to connect your church to GCBA in order to participate in a Basketball League next season, contact the Director listed below. 
Tracy Miller     -     gcbadirector1819@outlook.com

» Winter 2018-2019 Basketball - Adult
» Winter 2018-2019 Basketball - Youth