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Established in 1995 as a non-profit organization, the Northern Valley Athletic Association (NVAA) provides recreational athletic opportunities to the youth of Weld County. Coinciding with recent population growth in Weld County the NVAA has seen a rapid increase of youth participation in recent years. With an emphasis on non-competitive recreation and through sport specific coach and officials training the NVAA strives to provide a fun and educational experience for all youth participants.



“In light of the current situation regarding the coronavirus, the NVAA League has determined it is in the best interest of our league, participants, families and officials to cancel the remainder of the Spring Volleyball and Soccer season. Many of our agencies who depend upon sites and facilities from their respective cities and school districts are unable to secure space for hosting practices and/or competitions until further notice due to CHSAA restrictions of school events and activities. Although we are unaware of any specific threat of the virus to our league, we understand that safety and health is of utmost importance to our members and participants; thus, we league directors have decided to cancel the remainder of both previously noted seasons. Each agency will be responsible for communication to their participants, parents and community of the measures taken. If you have questions specific to your agency, please contact the appropriate director(s) associated with your program. Thank you for understanding the situation we are in and respecting the leagues decision on cancelling programs.”



The NVAA Board of Directors

NVAA Weather Line: 970-284-3550

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1. Allow recreational based teams the opportunity to compete with other recreational teams.
2. Allow participants to have FUN!

The Northern Valley Athletic Association (NVAA) is primarily concerned with the well being of our children. In order to promote positive growth in children’s lives, the NVAA will always put children first. Competition is part of the game. The will to win is a natural desire of any athlete. The NVAA has the responsibility to offer athletic programs that encourage the athlete’s development within a format of fun and friendship. It is important that all participants, coaches, spectators, and program directors teach and practice good sportsmanship. Learn to lose graciously and win with great modesty.

The NVAA is governed by representatives from nine local chapters: Eaton, Kersey, Evans, LaSalle, Platteville, Fort Lupton, Estes ValleyRebels Youth Athletics and Wiggins. Representatives from these chapters meet the first Tuesday of every month to discuss current issues affecting the league. A special rules meeting is held every August to establish rules and guidelines for all NVAA activities.

The NVAA provides recreational activities for youth in grades three through six. Activities currently provided include: Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer. Games are played in various participating Weld County communities.