12U Fedde

So Cal Baseball: Ring in the New Year 2018  -  Baseball

Xtreme Diamond Sports

Managers/Coaches/Parents read Park Policies
Be courteous to all county/city/park staff!


Fedde Sports Complex: $3 gate fee (HGLL Fundraiser). Coaches/Players free. One team cooler allowed. No outside food/drinks & no alcohol. No Pets allowed. Park offers full snack bar. All gate fees go to HGLL, not XDS.

Tournament Bracket

1st [A1] MVP Hustle - Prieto 11U
2nd [B1] Tomateros 11U
3rd [B2] So Cal Monarchs
3rd [B3] So Cal Tradition
5th [A3] Los Altos All Stars
5th [A2] Next Level Elite
[A1] MVP Hustle - Prieto 11U   8

Game 3

Sun 1/7/18

1:00 PM

[A1] MVP Hustle - Prieto 11U   11
[B2] So Cal Monarchs   7

Game 5

Sun 1/7/18

5:00 PM


Game 1

Sun 1/7/18

9:00 AM

[B2] So Cal Monarchs   6
[A3] Los Altos All Stars   6
[A1] MVP Hustle - Prieto 11U 
[B1] Tomateros 11U   6

Game 4

Sun 1/7/18

3:00 PM

[A2] Next Level Elite   6
[B1] Tomateros 11U   0

Game 2

Sun 1/7/18

11:00 AM

[B3] So Cal Tradition   0
[B3] So Cal Tradition   7
Pool Play Standings
1A MVP Hustle - Prieto 11U 201.000519
2A Next Level Elite 110.500106
3A Los Altos All Stars 020.000166
1B Tomateros 11U 201.000319
2B So Cal Monarchs 110.5001919
3B So Cal Tradition 020.000226
PCT = Winning PercentageRA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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