12U Division

So Cal Baseball: Best of West NIT 2017  -  Baseball

Xtreme Diamond Sports

Managers/Coaches/Parents read Park Policies
Be courteous to all county/city/park staff!


Mile Square Park: Do not come through park gates, or line up, before 7AM. MSP has a $5 parking fee & there is no re-entry. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy of harassment or rudeness towards MSP County Staff at gate about parking fee or in park. Any violations will be reported to director & violators will be asked to leave park for the day. County Staff at MSP also has authority to remove violators from park as well. MSP allows food/drinks to be brought into park.


North East Garden Grove LL: Has a $3 gate fee (NEGGLL Fundraiser). One team cooler allowed. No outside food/drinks & no alcohol. No Pets allowed. Park offers a full snack bar. Additional parking available at Earl Warren Elementary. Basketball court parking inside school is for Tournament Staff only!

Tournament Bracket

1st [A2] Pico Pride
2nd [A1] Easton Elite 22's
3rd [B2] Redlands Bulldog Navy
3rd [B1] La Xtreme
5th [A3] King Kong
5th [B3] Chino Hills Storm
[A1] Easton Elite 22's   9

Game 3

Sun 4/30/17

1:00 PM

[A1] Easton Elite 22's   5
[B2] Redlands Bulldog Navy   7

Game 5

Sun 4/30/17

5:00 PM


Game 1

Sun 4/30/17

9:00 AM

[B2] Redlands Bulldog Navy   6
[A3] King Kong   6
[A2] Pico Pride 
[B1] La Xtreme   4

Game 4

Sun 4/30/17

3:00 PM

[A2] Pico Pride   6
[A2] Pico Pride   15

Game 2

Sun 4/30/17

11:00 AM

[A2] Pico Pride   11
[B3] Chino Hills Storm   5
Pool Play Standings
1A Easton Elite 22's 201.0001022
2A Pico Pride 110.5001312
3A King Kong 020.0002110
1B La Xtreme 201.0001217
2B Redlands Bulldog Navy 110.500810
3B Chino Hills Storm 020.000169
PCT = Winning PercentageRA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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