09U Division

So Cal Baseball: 2016 Winter Challenge  -  Baseball

Xtreme Diamond Sports

Knoll Hill Park & West Torrance Little League will have a $2 gate fee per person. Coaches & players excluded from this. Coaches must be coaches that actually coach in games and be in coaches attire. Thank you!
Tournament Bracket

1st [B1] LA Xtreme Elite
2nd [A1] Conejo Crush
3rd [B2] North OC Chargers
3rd [B3] Long Beach Monsters
5th [A3] RB Samurai
5th [A2] California Tigers
[A1] Conejo Crush   17

Game 3

Sun 1/24/16

12:00 PM

[A1] Conejo Crush   3
[B2] North OC Chargers   13

Game 5

Sun 1/24/16

2:00 PM


Game 1

Sun 1/24/16

8:00 AM

[B2] North OC Chargers   5
[A3] RB Samurai   1
[B1] LA Xtreme Elite 
[B1] LA Xtreme Elite   13

Game 4

Sun 1/24/16

10:00 AM

[A2] California Tigers   8
[B1] LA Xtreme Elite   4

Game 2

Sun 1/24/16

8:00 AM

[B3] Long Beach Monsters   3
[B3] Long Beach Monsters   21
Pool Play Standings
1A Conejo Crush 2001.000535
2A California Tigers 0110.2501216
3A RB Samurai 0110.2501249
1B LA Xtreme Elite 2001.000826
2B North OC Chargers 1100.5001115
3B Long Beach Monsters 0200.000297
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head (all play)RA = Runs AllowedRS = Runs Scored

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