Roy City Kindergarten/1st Grade COED 2019

Roy/West Haven Girls Basketball  -  Basketball - Youth
All games will be played at the Hope Center
5051 S 2000 W
Roy UT 84067
The home team will wear their white jerseys
There will be no games October 19th and November 30th
No post season tournament
This is an instructional league meant to teach players the fundamentals of basketball. Coaches will be on the court with their team to help guide them. Each team will be allowed to have 3 players on the court at a time. We will use the side baskets at the Hope Center. 
North Court- The court closest to the entrance
South Court- The Court closest to the Boys and Girls Club
Regular Season Standings
Team 1- Hicks (Roy) 000.000
Team 10- Couts (Roy) 000.000
Team 11- Flinders (Roy) 000.000
Team 12- Lund (Roy) 000.000
Team 13- Douglass (Roy) 000.000
Team 14- Bowman (Roy) 000.000
Team 15- Noble (Roy) 000.000
Team 16- Knight (Roy) 000.000
Team 17- Pledger (Roy) 000.000
Team 18- Hernandez (Roy) 000.000
Team 2- Gleason (Roy) 000.000
Team 3- Baxter (Roy) 000.000
Team 4- Dearden (Roy) 000.000
Team 5- Teran (Roy) 000.000
Team 6- Graham (Roy) 000.000
Team 7- Hein (Roy) 000.000
Team 8- Ringel (Roy) 000.000
Team 9- Howell (Roy) 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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