Summer Mens 2019

Roy City Adult Softball  -  Softball - Adult

All My Rowdy Friends

Coach: Brenner Kunz      801-941-4219801-941-4219 (Cell)     

All Games count towards your Record
***Games Will Be Played At Roy West Park; 2900 West 4650 South***
Games will be 55 minutes, no new inning after 50 minutes. 10 minute grace period only for the 6:15 games.
Double elimination tournament after the season.
Weather hotline will be 801-774-1145 or For any questions call 801-774-1048.
Regular Season Standings
Pandemic 901.000
Dirty Bandits 720.778
PW 630.667
B&H 630.667
Highwaymen 540.556
Heroes Not Zeroes 450.444
All My Rowdy Friends 450.444
Staghead Designs 450.444
Pro Ams 450.444
Swingers Club 360.333
Long Toss 270.222
Wheelwright Lumber 090.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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