7th/8th Grade

2018 Valley League NFL  -  Flag Football

Papa Johns - Lorens


Coach: Gavin Lorens      541-602-9056541-602-9056 (Cell)     

2018 Valley League NFL Flag Football
NFL Flag Football is "Mom and Family Friendly"
Click here to download the 2018 League Rule Book
Game Day Reminders:
The designated home team is to wear the "Dark" Jerseys
The Home team is to manage the down/ball spot marker 
and is responsible for set up/break down of the field if it is the 1st/last game of the day.
The Visiting team is responsible for the official clock.
If you have questions concerning the league please contact your association head. That info can be found on the home page under contacts.  
If you need a field location, click on the the name of the field on the schedule and it will show a google map.
To find a coach's contact information, click on the team.
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Team List
@ Home Properties Inc. -LarsonPackers
Papa John's -Lorens (2)Colts 2
Papa Johns - LorensColts
Upperhand Orthopaedics - Woekel49ers

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