5/6th Grade Softball BLACK

2022 Valley League Softball  -  Softball


Head Coach: Ryan Nack      971-283-6816971-283-6816 (Cell)     

Assistant Coach: Alicia Davis      970-412-4544970-412-4544 (Cell)     

2022 Valley League Softball

Rain Out/Inclement Weather Decisions:

Please check the www.valleyleaguesports.com website before calling about rain outs. Registered coaches that use text messaging will receive notice via text.  Rain out decisions will be made by the home team association by 3:00 p.m. on game days. The home association is responsible for contacting both the visiting association (club) as well as the visiting team coach no later than 3:00 p.m.


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Score Reporting:

Within 48 hours of the scheduled game time, the winning team must report the score and innings pitched for both teams in the game.  Each coach that is registered will be able to post scores for their games only.  The team listed on top is the visitor and the bottom is home.  Innings pitched will be logged in the comments section, following the format below. 

To help keep the reporting consistent, they must be entered using the following format:

(V) #44 V. Garrett-4, #12 T. Stevens-3, #18 S. Bradbury-1 /

(H)  #4 J. Smith-3, #10 F. Johnson-2, #22 R. Frederick-2

Rules state that 1 pitch constitutes an inning, therefore a pitching line may add up to more than the number of innings actually played.

Brad Anderson is the 5/6th Grade BLACK league administrator,

please email or call with questions.

brad@andersonsecuritynw.com      (503) 302-5849

** Click here to download the 2022 Valley League Softball Rules **


Regular Season Standings
Philomath Figaro's PizzaPhilomath #1 12001.000
Central 10110.875
QUEENSDallas 5520.500
Harrisburg 5700.417
Hughes ExcavatingPhilomath #2 4710.3751
Santiam Christian 1 4710.3752
Monroe 3720.333
Santiam Christian 2 11010.125
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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