3/4th Girls

2022 Valley League Basketball  -  Basketball
2022 Valley League Basketball
Score Reporting - The winning team's coach is responsible for posting the final score within 48 hours of the completed game.  
Facility Rules - It is a privilege for spectators to access game facilities in light of COVID-19 restrictions, so please respect and comply with all facility rules/policies regarding masks, social distancing, etc. 
Inclement weather - The Home association will be responsible for communicating with the visiting association and both coaches involved regarding any game cancelations due to inclement weather by no later than 3pm of game day. The coaches then need to communicate with their team.
Sportsmanship - The Valley League expects all players, coaches, and spectators to maintain good sportsmanship before, during, and after all league games.  Without officials, the kids would not be able to have games to play, so be respectful to them.  There is a league wide shortage of officials, so be mindful and understanding of the challenge each association is going through to provide officials for each home game.
Regular Season Standings
Auto TechPhilomath #3 000.000
Central 1 000.000
Central 2 000.000
Good Earth Pest CompanyPhilomath #2 000.000
Jefferson 000.000
Liberty/ACBGCA 000.000
MRidge/TRidgeFarmer's Insurance - Michele Martin 000.000
Oak GroveHendrickson Residential 000.000
Philomath Lions ClubPhilomath #1 000.000
SC/Oak/Wav/TRValley Health Acupuncture 000.000
Scio 1 - Katrina Clouse Realty 000.000
Scio 2 - North Mane Salon 000.000
South AlbanyAaron McEachem ? 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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