Mustang Tournament - Pleasant Grove

Summer 2019  -  Baseball
Check in your equipment one hour prior to the 1st game.
Two teams from each pool will advance to the single elimination bracket.
Advancement guidelines are found in the UBBA rule book, Page 21 Rule 4.
Pool Play: Home Team will be determined by a coin flip.
Tournament Bracket

Champion [D2] Spanish Fork Indians
2nd [C1] Hurricane Red Sox
3rd [B1] Lehi Rangers
4th [D1] Lehi Dodgers
5th [A1] Pleasant Grove Tigers
5th [C2] Pleasant Grove Angels
5th [B2] Provo Giants
5th [A2] Lehi Mets
[A1] Pleasant Grove Tigers   4
[D2] Spanish Fork Indians 
[D2] Spanish Fork Indians   6
[D2] Spanish Fork Indians 
[B1] Lehi Rangers   4
[B1] Lehi Rangers 
[C2] Pleasant Grove Angels   2
[D2] Spanish Fork Indians 
[C1] Hurricane Red Sox   8
[C1] Hurricane Red Sox 
[B2] Provo Giants   3
[D1] Lehi Dodgers   10
[C1] Hurricane Red Sox 
[D1] Lehi Dodgers 
[A2] Lehi Mets   8
[B1] Lehi Rangers 
[B1] Lehi Rangers 
[D1] Lehi Dodgers 
Pool Play Standings
A Pleasant Grove Tigers 301.000
A Lehi Mets 210.667
A Salem Astros 120.333
A Mapleton Dodgers 030.000
B Lehi Rangers 301.000
B Provo Giants 210.667
B Saratoga Springs Mariners 120.333
B Spanish Fork Astros 030.000
C Hurricane Red Sox 210.6671
C Pleasant Grove Angels 210.6672
C Lehi Cardinals 120.3331
C Nephi Giants 120.3332
D Lehi Dodgers 301.000
D Spanish Fork Indians 210.667
D Saratoga Springs Rockies 120.333
D Springville Cubs 030.000
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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