Scavenger Hunt - Open - Division B

2022 Summer Corporate Games  -  Corporate Games

BD - Salt Lake - Cup (B)

Coach: Shannon Smits      385-429-8752385-429-8752 (Work)

Salt Lake County Sports Office

Scavenger Hunt - Open - Division B


WHEN: Wednesday, August 31st

LOCATION: SLCo Sports Office - 5201 S. Murray Park Ln. Murray, UT 84107

ROSTER: Open Event. The event does not require any number of persons.



  • Scavenger hunt list will be emailed out in August.
  • The list will have an overall theme. Items can be activities or items to gather.
  • Each company can decide how to get all the items on the list
    • (i.e., items can be split up or done as a group)
  • All items must be turned in at the designated time and place.
  • Items CANNOT be turned in early.
  • Teams cannot share items.
  • If there is a tie for items found, the tiebreaker will go to the team who turned in their items first.
Game schedule is not available